Analogue Solutions First Batch of Vostok2020 Are Ready for Order

KINGSWINFORD, UK: British boutique electronic instruments innovator Analogue Solutions is excited to announce that it is the sole stockist of the first batch of the newly-launched Vostok2020 — the latest (fourth) incarnation of creator (and company founder) Tom Carpenter’s semi-modular masterpiece that takes some of the best parts of its iconic Vostok V2 and V3 […]

Nyborg-24 is Out Now!

Analogue Solutions announced that their new Nyborg-24 analog synth is available and ready to ship. If you’re on the lookout for a cool analog synth, check the Nyborg-24 out. Read more below. KINGSWINFORD, UK: British ’boutique’ analog synthesizer and also device designer/manufacturer Analogue Solutions is proud to announce accessibility of Nyborg-24– a ‘Moog-style’ 4 Post […]

CV/Gate Tuning System By Vince Clarke


Vince Clarke has some cool Eurorack modules available to help tune up your old and new analog synths. Analogue Solutions is in partnership with Clarke to construct the Auto Tune modules. Don’t mix this up with the software called Auto Tune for vocals. Read more below. BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: synth-pop god Vince […]

Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12


Analogue Solutions just announced the availability of their new real anolog synth called Nyborg-12. Nyborg-12 is a true analog synth through and through with real voltage controlled oscillators. If you want a real modern analog synth, check out Nyborg-12. Read more below. KINGSWINFORD, UK: British ’boutique’ analog synth and also accessory designer/manufacturer Analogue Solutions is […]