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Step Your Game Up With Mastering in the Box By Ian Vargo

I always been a fan of The Pro Audio Files site with their very informative videos and now they have a new one on deck called “Mastering In The Box“. I’m sure this training video will give you all the info you need to start making killer masters. Read more below.

Denver, CO – April 13, 2017– The Pro Audio Files is pleased to share the in-depth training program from Ian Vargo: Mastering In The Box.

The Pro Audio FilesWith the rise of home studios, the introduction of better plugins, as well as numerous engineers Mixing solely in the box, the mastering process has in some ways did the same. It’s more easily accessible compared to ever to take a song completely from start to finish on your own– however, for many, mastering is still a tough hill to climb.

Until now …

In this recent training course, Mastering in the Box, professional engineer Ian Vargo reveals all, showing you the best ways to obtain high quality mastering in your home making use of plugins solely in the box.

The course includes thirteen topic-specific workshops as well as 8 walkthroughs in numerous genres, plus all the audio files are included so you could practice along.

This might be the course for you if you want to tackle the mastering monster.

Price $67

Buy here.

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