Sample Magic Upgrades Magic AB

Magic AB

Sample Magic updated their reference plug-in called Magic AB. Magic AB is a staple for mastering engineers and producers. Read more below.

Developer Sample Magic has announced a significant update to its industry-standard split second referencing AB plug-in.

The concept behind Magic AB is ease of use- a effective however easy-to-use utility plug-in that allows producers, mastering engineer and also mastering engineer to change in between their DAW audio stream and as much as nine reference tracks in an instant.

Version 2 takes the stylish convenience of the initial award-winning plug-in and offers countless new attributes as well as workflow renovations, including:

  • Entirely rebuilt one-click referencing engine for lots of professional and also popular audio file formats from WAV as well as AIFF to m4a and also mp3.
  • New Latch, Manual, and also Sync playback modes to suit different operations (Sync playback to DAW timeline; Latch playback to DAW transport; Manual playback– for freeform referencing).
  • Numerous cue and also loop points each track; sign factor calling as requirement.
  • Mono-stereo surveillance.

  • High-resolution output meters combined with optimal, RMS, and also crest monitor scales.
  • Upgraded Mini AB with more choices and also smaller sized impact.
  • Loads of user-flow tweaks, including RAM-saving deactivate tracks method; burden and also decrease data; more accurate zoom; all-new preset system.

Since its beginning Magic AB has actually gathered a myriad of A-list fans, consisting of Dave Pensado

(“Magic AB is a time saver, a hard disk drive space saver as well as it enables you the control you need to truly reference …”);

Pete Boxsta Martin

(“Magic AB is completely impressive; I utilize it on a daily basis …”);

Bobby Owsinski

(“I utilize it on every new track to balance the sound right from the start …”)

and Joachim Garraud

(“I’m using this fantastic plug-in daily …”)

Price £49.90

Buy here.

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