Adding Sub Bass With Enforcer (Review)

Mar 13, 20181 Comment

The key to making a solid Hip Hop track is the kick drum which is the heart of any Hip Hop beat. Many producers search for the right kick and snares to complete a song but sometimes



Audified U73b Compressor Review

Dec 09, 2016No Comments

I had the pleasure to review Audified’s all-new U73b Compressor an updated version of the U73b that was released back in May 2015. This new version sports a new GUI with photo realistic rendering plus new features.


sair bashir

Sair Bashir “One Stage Many Mics̶...

Oct 24, 2016No Comments

I had the pleasure to review this producer driven album from Vineland New Jersey’s own Sair Bashir called “One Stage Many Mics”. The album has some notable features from the likes of Craig G, NYOIL and Pace


Epica Bass

Sam Spacey — Epica Bass Review

Feb 11, 20161 Comment

Sam Spacey is back with a new sample library called “Epica Bass” loaded with over 400 instruments built from 24bit mono samples. Epica Bass was sampled from Analog Synthesizers and also processed with an analog chain of


La Base & Tru Comers

La Base & Tru Comers “Jusqu̵...

Oct 22, 2015No Comments

I had the pleasure to review an album from the hip hop team La Base & Tru Comers hailing from Switzerland. La Base is a 5 emcee group consisting of Ri-K, Buds Penseur, T-Sow, Ekzhall and Sokra



Zero-G Aftershock Review

Apr 06, 2015No Comments

I had the opportunity to review the Zero-G Aftershock sample library from Time+Space and breezed through the installation and sounds. Aftershock is a sample library pack with wav files setup for different sample player formats. Hopefully this



Rob Papen RAW Review

Feb 06, 2015No Comments

I had the pleasure to review Rob Papen’s new synth called RAW and I took a little time to dig in to see what it offers. RAW has many cool features to keep a tweaker and sound

SampleTank 3

SampleTank 3 Review

Sep 24, 2014No Comments

Using computers to make music is the standard nowadays and with the access to faster processors, larger memory and vast hard disk space makes having a virtual instruments a main stay. Virtual Instruments today are rivaling hardware


Brainworx bx_refinement Review

Aug 17, 2014No Comments

Mixing tracks for a song in the digital domain seems easy with all the tools at your finger tips but still harshness is hard to tackle. Brainworx has come to the rescue to eliminate harshness from digital

MPC Expansion Pack

Akai MPC Expansion Pack Review

Jun 25, 2014No Comments

I had the chance to review Elements of Dystopia, Elements of House, Elements of UK Dance and Elements of Garage MPC Expansion Pack. The kits are designed to work with the MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio and MPC