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Predator2 Is Ready For Download


Rob Papen is back with a new version of Predator called “Predator2“. If you’re a big fan of Rob Pan products, don’t sleep on this. Read more below.

ECHT, THE NETHERLANDS: digital tool as well as results plug-in developer Rob Papen Soundware is proud to introduce Predator2– successor to Predator, the natural-born, killer-sounding soft synth that has actually influenced numerous musicians, adding music bite to plenty of tracks, thanks to its advanced features and also world-renowned sound designer (and namesake company founder) Rob Papen’s preset-programming prowess– since November 25 …

As an award-winning item, Predator has actually been making its musical mark as a weighty essential tool of Rob Papen’s extending lineup of first-rate soft synths since its intro back in 2009. That’s a very long time in the intensely quick, ever-widening world of music technology plus a testament to the prominent products tried and tested toughness, certainly? Take a good idea and make it much better is the ideal that defines Predator2.

The first glance at Predator2’s pliable GUI (Graphical User interface) has been given the hallmark Rob Papen design so that (practically) all of the major controls are constantly noticeable onscreen, making it both user-friendly and motivational in use. Ultimately, though, time and also persistence can be a problem for some customers, so this time Rob Papen has actually included an EASY PAGE to accommodate those not needing simultaneous accessibility to numerous controls. There they can rapidly locate one of the most important tools to fine-tune a sound or even use the convenient preset VARIANTS feature, which is a smart randomizer.

Price $149.00

Buy here.

Find out more here.

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