Peep The Step Range Black Edition SONIC BOOM BAP
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Peep The Step Range Black Edition

Step Range Black Edition

The Step Range Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro will start shipping around the globe at the end of April 2017. I’m a Arturia fan because they make quality products so don’t sleep on this. Read more below.

Arturia are ready to launch a limited quantity of “Black Edition” KeyStep, BeatStep, as well as BeatStep Pro sequencer-controllers.

Recognized as well as loved throughout the industry, Arturia’s triad of DAW controlling, step-sequencing hybrids are currently available in a smooth black finish. Giving something for each artist, the Step range synchronizes the analog and also digital worlds, allowing artists to control hardware instruments, outboard modules, VSTs, as well as recording software at the same time.

Each of the new Black Edition designs comes full with CV cables, providing you instant access to the sequencer’s hardware control functionality.

Arturia KeyStep Black Edition – 149 US$
Arturia BeatStep Pro Black Edition – 299 US$
Arturia BeatStep Black Edition – 129 US$

For more info click here.

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