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Intua Beatmaker 2

Intua Beatmaker 2 Review

May 11, 20131 Comment

The Intua Beatmaker 2 is a great little app you can do big things with. Having a portable app to use while I travel is

UAD ocean way studios plugin

Universal Audio Releases Ocean Way Studios Plug-In

May 07, 2013No Comments

Universal Audio releases new plugin called Ocean Way Studios Plug-In for their UAD line of products. The plugin is suppose to emulate rooms from the

Akai iMPC

Retronyms updates the Akai iMPC iOS App

May 01, 2013No Comments

Retronyms along with Akai announced a new update for iMPC app. The app has some features like mute groups with improved sample edit accuracy. Looks

Teenage engineering op-1

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Drum Kit Building by CUCKOO

May 01, 2013No Comments

 seems to have mastered the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and I think his tips on the device can be translated using any analog or virtual synth.  This is

Native instruments solid mix series

Native Instruments Solid Mix Series New Improved

Apr 30, 2013No Comments

Native Instruments announced the Solid Mix Series sold individually or bundle version. Now you can use the plugins without Komplete 9. Native Instruments makes excellent