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MSXII The Mutha Plucka Live Bass Notes Review

The Mutha Plucka Bass Kit

I had the opportunity to review The Mutha Plucka Live Bass Notes by MSXII and play around with the sounds. The Mutha Plucka Bass Kit is a sample kit of bass notes you can use in your productions if you looking for a live bass. The bass notes are sampled bass guitars recorded at high quality with riffs and slides. Read more below.


The Mutha Plucka Bass Kit

The Mutha Plucka Live Bass Notes sounds are very clean and professionally recorded so you will not be disappointed with sound quality. The Bass Notes are setup in folders separated by notes. The kit is very organized so you won’t get lost and its easy to find the note you want for a track. Inside each folder the bass note has a single hit, riffs, slides, slap, etc. I was able to build a bass patch with ease. The guys at MSXII made the kit easy to navigate. I loaded the bass note into the MPC Renaissance and made a key group with the bass note stretched across the keys. Also, I added a bass note slide to trigger at a higher velocity to give the bass patch a natural sound. The results were perfect. I was able to create a realistic sounding bass patch.

The Muth Plucka Bass Kit


I think the The Mutha Plucka Live Bass Notes is worth grabbing especially if you looking for a realistic bass guitar sound to add to your productions. Don’t forget, the kit also comes with riffs you can easily pitch across the keyboard. I give this kit 5 stars just for having neat folders and file names. The Mutha Plucka Live Bass Notes kit does what it says it does. Also, this sample kit sounds better than what you would get from an old Rom player keyboard plus with a little tweaking, you can have a realistic sounding bass in your production.

Download the kit today.

Price $14.99

Download The Mutha Plucka Live Nass Notes
More about MSXII:

M Simp of MSXII interview.

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