Modulation Processor 3244 SONIC BOOM BAP
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Modulation Processor 3244

modulation processor 3244

Are you looking for a easy way to modulate your old school analog synths? Check out Modulation Processor 3244 from Dialog Audio. Read more below.

modulation processor 3244COLOGNE, GERMANY: specialized efficiency device designer Dialog Audio is proud to introduce the Modulation Processor 3244– AU (32-/ 64-bit), an AAX (32-/ 64-bit), VST (32-/ 64-bit) audio software plug-in for Mac OS X (10.7 or greater) as well as Windows (XP or greater), created to modulate and also synchronize hardware synthesizer specifications from within a host application– as its inaugural item on October 12 …

As suggested by name, the Modulation Processor 3244 plug-in offers 3 LFOs, 2 slope generators, and also 4 envelope generators, all which can be synchronised to the host application with the imaginative benefit that modern music-makers have actually experience from plug-ins. The Modulation Processor 3244 is unlike other plugins around, starting as an unique means of meeting details on demand.

Exactly what, precisely, makes Modulation Processor 3244 stand out from the sound of the (plugin) world, also the early-Eighties British innovative hit from synth-pop leaders The Human League– are not unfamiliar people to analog synthesizers, with classic gear plainly not having the capacity to synchronize modulation activities to a host application? Any type of analog synthesizer– traditional or otherwise– could currently do simply that, thanks to Modulation Processor 3244! The timing of this trailblazing item is right on time with analog synthesizers being the instrument of choice — even more prominent, thanks to the ever- broadening Eurorack world of small-format modular system components along with various keyboards as well as desktop computer tools available from existing companies, both larger or smaller sized.

Price $65

Buy here.

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