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Master Song For Free With MasteringBOX

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MasteringBOX just announced that a artist or producer can master their song for free on their online application. You can upload your song and within a minute have it mastered. Read more below.

VALENCIA, SPAIN: MasteringBOX is happy to present its totally free Mastering on-line application, with an advanced algorithm that can sense the spectral and also dynamic characteristics of the track being mastered as well as apply proper changes, enabling amateur artists as well as producers alike to master their track, podcast, or live recording in much less than a min … at no cost!

Anybody accessing MasteringBOX ( could swiftly accomplish a professional sound by first submitting their track. Just upload the audio files to be mastered, sneak peek the mastered outcome prior to committing to master, and also then download the finished result. Believe it or otherwise, it really is that straightforward! Mastering without the hassle.

MasteringBOX has actually been created by a group of professional sound engineers with years of experience, as well as intends to make professional mastering simple, fast, and budget friendly.

“We understand mastering could be hard to figure out, and it has a sluggish learning curve. We are music fanatics ourselves and also intend to assist various other artists by making the production procedure less complicated.”

states MasteringBOX creator Dídac Corbí.

“This is why we created MasteringBOX, the result of years of experience and also research in the audio arena,”

he adds.

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