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Nyborg-24 is Out Now!

Oct 22, 2015No Comments

Analogue Solutions announced that their new Nyborg-24 analog synth is available and ready to ship. If you’re on the lookout for a cool analog synth,

Apogee & Waves

Apogee & Waves Partner Up

Jun 08, 2015No Comments

Apogee and Waves have linked up to offer Waves plugins with the purchase of the Duet, Quartet and Ensemble. Waves plugins cost a grip on

Check Out The Pyramid Sequencer

May 21, 2015No Comments

Squarp Instruments is a small company with only 3 engineers that just announced the availability of their cool sequencer called Pyramid. At the moment 100

Apogee Groove

Apogee Groove Is Ready To Ship

May 19, 2015No Comments

Apogee just announced the availability of their new digital to analog converter named Groove. Groove can give the possibility to have high quality audio on


Arturia Reduces Price on MiniBrute

May 06, 2015No Comments

Today might be a good time to buy a Arturia MiniBrute if you don’t already have one. Arturia reduced the price on the Minibrute for

Modal Electronics 008

Apr 24, 2015No Comments

Modal Electronics is on the roll lately with their new line of synths. 008 is the 3rd addition to Modal Electronics new synth product line

pl2 Leukos

Ploytec Updates πλ2 MIDI & πλ2 Leu...

Apr 16, 2015No Comments

Ploytec just updated the πλ2 MIDI & πλ2 Leukos firmware and they’re on display at Musikmesse 2015. The πλ2 MIDI & πλ2 Leukos are cool


Modal Electronics 002R

Apr 15, 2015No Comments

Modal Electronics brought their A game to Musikmesse 2015 with their new rack mounted 002 synth called 002R. If you’re looking for an incredible sounding


Modal Electronics 001

Apr 15, 2015No Comments

Modal Electronics announced their new synth called 001 at Musikmesse 2015 in Frankfurt Germany. 001 is a smaller version of the 002 synth released last

pittsburgh modular patch box

Patch Box Modulator Effect Pedals

Apr 13, 2015No Comments

Pittsburgh Modular is spreading the word on their new foot pedal called Patch Box. Patch Box is a modular patch box you can install different