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Chromaphone 2 Acoustic Synth

chromaphone 2

Chromaphone 2 is available for purchase now!! If you looking for a cool acoustic synth, check this out. Read more below.

Applied Acoustics Systems launches the Chromaphone 2 acoustic synth plug-in

Montreal, Quebec– March 15, 2016– Applied Acoustics Systems reveals the main launch of a brand new version of its Chromaphone acoustic object synthesizer for Mac OS X as well as Windows.

chromaphone 2

Chromaphone 2 is a synthesizer which makes use of acoustic resonators to produce drum, percussion, mallet, string, and even various one-of-a-kind tools. Drumheads, bars, marimbas, tubes, plates, and also strings are integrated right into pairs and even played by a configurable mallet. An exclusive coupling innovation, which models precisely how vibrating things communicate and also affect each other, records key acoustic behaviors of music tools, causing a library of truly meaningful tools in a huge range of sonic colors.

aas chromaphone 2

Chromaphone 2 ships with a brand-new structured interface, a new equalizer and even compressor module, a brand-new multi-effect processor, a brand-new drumhead resonator, as well as so much more. The factory collection has actually been completely revamped and also includes presets by artists and sound developers Sean Divine, Thiago Pinheiro, Daniel Stawczyk, and even Christian Laffitte.

Price $149 til April 11, 2016 then goes up to $199

Buy here.

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