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Accusonus ERA

Accusonus has a cool plugin bundle available called ERA to take the hassle away of processing sounds. The bundle has a Reverb Remover, De-Esser, and Plosive Eliminator. Read more below.

The Enhancement and Reparing of Audio (ERA) Package is a collection of single-knob audio repair plugins that provide both fast and premium processing. These plugins are not only exceptionally reliable however likewise ridiculously easy to use. Whether you are just beginning, or are a skilled pro, why spend time dialing-in unknown algorithm parameters?

“So, what does the package consist of?”

  • ERA Noise Eliminator (Conveniently lower or completely eliminate undesirable fans, air-conditioners, electrical hum & hiss or other background sound).
  • Reverb Remover (Promptly reduce extreme reverb and also bring your sound into emphasis).
  • ERA De-Esser (Smooth out audio issues triggered by excessive sibilance consonants (such as “s”, “z”, “ch”, “j” and also “sh”).
  • ERA Plosive Eliminator (Instantly deal with abnormal plosive thumps: such as “p”, “t” as well as “b”).
  • ERA-D -Pro Only- (ERA-D concentrates on simply 2 things and also does them extremely well. If you require deep as well as innovative joint denoise as well as dereverb handling, ERA-D is the best tool).

ERA Bundle Standard $99 (Reg: $236) -until July 31st-

ERA Bundle Pro $299 (Reg: $535) -until July 31st-

Buy here.

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