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Check out Kilohearts Slice EQ

Slice EQ

Kilohearts just announced the availability of their new plug-in called Slice EQ. You can never have enough EQs in your arsenal so give this one a look. Read more below.

Kilohearts is proud to reveal the prompt release of Slice EQ, the second in their new duo of ingenious EQ plugins following the just recently launched Carve EQ, and also an effective addition to their substantial series of effects for Mac and PC.

A functional parametric EQ for surgical mixing, sound design and mastering, Slice EQ is easy to use, endlessly flexible and flawlessly transparent. Since it’s a VST/AU/AAX plugin, it’s compatible with Kilohearts’ Snap Heap and Multipass effects rack plugins, too, making it part a of the more comprehensive modular Snapins * system.

As much as 32 filters are clicked into the response curve in Slice EQ’s primary display, each one immediately set to the proper filter type (high cut, low cut, peak, notch, high shelf or low shelf) for the point on the curve at which it’s instantiated– low cut below 30Hz, for example– or configured manually. Filter frequencies, resonances and also roll-off slopes are modified by dragging their nodes or manipulating the knobs in the pop-out Filters panel; as well as with roll-off slopes ranging from a mild 6dB/octave to a razor sharp 96db/octave, there’s just no equalization job that Slice EQ cannot deal with.

Price €79

Buy here.

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