Check Out Dent 2 And Indent 2 SONIC BOOM BAP
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Check Out Dent 2 And Indent 2

dent 2

Check out these new plugins from Unfiltered Audio thru Plugin Alliance partnership called Dent 2 and Indent 2. The two plugins give you the waveshaping abilities you’re looking for. Read more below.

SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: Plugin Alliance, is proud to announce accessibility of Dent 2 and Indent 2– innovative and also brand new versions of Plugin Alliance companion Unfiltered Audio’s different distortion/ waveshaping plugins par excellence– as of August 22 …

Unfiltered Audio’s original version of Dent was a really different sort of distortion plugin, generated by the advanced Californian firm to allow every engineer and sound designer that had ever longed to manipulate waveforms on a molecular level can do just that. Currently, with the release of Dent 2, audio control freaks could actually rejoice since this time around its designers have gone to the next level… we’re speaking about a let’s-sharpen-the-peaks-on-the-negative- half-of-the-waveform degree of control right here! Those looking for wonderful analog equipment emulation are suggested to look somewhere else because those crazy scientists at Unfiltered Audio are digital to their core … jointly, they absolutely understand just how to transform those ones and zeros right into music magic!

Indent 2

Indent 2’s signal path, at the same time, includes an adjustable multimode filter, between 2 different clipping stages, both of which supply the exact same 10 different user-selectable saturation settings found in Dent 2: Tough Clip, Soft Clip, Wavefold, Overfold, Harsh Fold, Distortion, Tube, Tape, Gloubi, as well as Cubic. Consisting of a filter in the plugin’s intenal signal path drastically expands its convenience, so it is quickly adaptable to a broad variety of wave-shaping jobs.

Dent 2 and also Indent 2 both benefit from numerous vital upgrades because v1, including 2 brand-new modulators contributed to the modulation section (Step sequencer and also ROLI Lightpad); six brand-new saturation settings; brand-new Complex Mode (offers Dent 2 individuals the option to apply a different saturation algorithm to each of the three clipping stages).

Dent 2 and Indent 2 Price $99.00 USD and $49.00 USD (Owners of Dent can upgrade to Dent 2 for free at any time, while a time-limited promo offer allows owners of Indent to upgrade to Dent 2 for $29.00 USD until September 30, 2017; customers upgrading to/purchasing Dent 2 will receive Indent 2 for free.)

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