Check Out Antelope Audio DISCRETE 8 SONIC BOOM BAP
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Check Out Antelope Audio DISCRETE 8

Discrete 8

Antelope Audio got a new Audio Interface coming out called DISCRETE 8 with 8 Discrete Mic Preamps built in. I’m a big fan of Antelope Audio audio interfaces and I’m sure this new one will be great. Read more below.

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES: Audio interface producer Antelope Audio is set to disclose (upcoming) availability of its DISCRETE 8 ThunderboltTM & USB User interface with 8 Discrete Mic Preamps plus accompanying EDGE and VERGE modelling microphones– also used as different packages bringing a new level of sound quality along with power to home studios as well as mobile studios together with a real cutting-edge front end that will certainly introduce a new era for modern recording– since October 2 …

Antelope Audio’s DISCRETE 8 ThunderboltTM & USB User interface with 8 Discrete Mic Preamps comes full with 8 console-grade, six-transistor, fully-discrete design preamps; Style 121 dB dynamic range converters and solid clocking. It comes with Antelope Audio’s premier realtime FPGA FX, including genuine models of distinguished tools from BAE, Gyraf Audio, LANG, along with several much more.

The DISCRETE 8 ThunderboltTM & USB Interface with 8 Discrete Mic Preamps plus EDGE and VERGE modelling microphones will soon be available via Antelope Audio’s growing global network of dealers. Antelope Audio itself is already accepting preorders on the following bundles: 1x DISCRETE 8, 1x EDGE, and 6x VERGE (€2,995.00 EUR); 1x DISCRETE 8 and 6x VERGE (€1,895.00 EUR); and 1x DISCRETE 8 and 1x EDGE (€1,995.00 EUR).

More info below:


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