The Data Bass

The Data Bass Feat. Hastyle Rhymes & J...

Jul 29, 2017No Comments

Born in Flushing, Queens James Data was affected by the growth of the Hip Hop scene coming out of his area in the very early

MIDI Sequencers

Midi Sequencers: The Centerpiece Of Your Re...

Feb 24, 2017No Comments

MIDI sequencers are tools that record a track that you use a MIDI instrument (or collection of instruments) and make use of the recorded data

MPC Software 2.0

When the Hell is the MPC Software 2.0 Comin...

Oct 31, 2016No Comments

Where the hell is the MPC Software 2.0 update at Akai? Many devoted MPC heads have been patiently waiting for version 2.0 update since its

MPC Software 1.4

Akai MPC Software 1.4 Missing VST Help

Jun 27, 2013No Comments

Akai released MPC Software 1.4 update for the masses this week but the net has been flooded with users complaining of problems with missing VSTs after install.

Subscription licensing

Is Subscription Licensing The Future For Be...

Jun 25, 2013No Comments

Subscription licensing is starting to become the future for data storage and running applications remotely from gigantic servers that could hold data with tremendous redundancy.

The A3

The A3 Interview

Jun 18, 20132 Comments

The internet has been a blessing and a curse. It’s hard to find the future Kev Browns or !llminds because of over saturation but there is