Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio Workaround Until 1.4 SONIC BOOM BAP

Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio Workaround Until 1.4

Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio

Since the introduction of the Akai MPC Renaissance and Studio, many have complained of how buggy the software is and I’ve experienced many of those bugs. I’ve found workarounds to help me with my goals and I thought I should share some of my ideas with you. These workarounds are suited for mac users because I don’t have a windows setup. This may help windows users too but not sure mac and windows users have the same issues. Akai has not given a date for version 1.4 but until then maybe this can get you through rough times. I’m going to cover working with 3rd party plug-ins and how to get around some bugs.

Software Keeps Crashing

I get frustrated while in the middle of making a killer beat and the software crashes and I lose everything. I’m sure this has happened to you and like some, you have given up and either sold your Akai Ren/Studio or stuck it in the closet until Akai fixes the bugs. The problem with software MPC is that everybody uses different operating systems. Some use Mac OS Lion, Snow Leopard, or maybe Leopard. Even though the OS is from Apple, those Operating Systems are a little different from each other. So, I’m going to focus on Snow Leopard because most of my plug-ins work with it and I’m afraid to upgrade to Lion.


Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio

If you want to use a 3rd party synth, Re-sample the synth and set it up as a key group. This may not be what some people like but this is my solution. Another option is to make a basic beat in the Renaissance/Studio export tracks and dump stems in DAW. Once inside DAW, you can add synths and finish beat.

Akai mpc renaissance/studio

3rd Party Effect Plug-Ins

The way to deal with 3rd Party effect plug-ins is don’t use them in Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio. Once you start using more than a few 3rd Party plug-ins it will crash the software. I lost many beats dealing with these issues with the MPC Renaissance/Studio. If you want to use Waves, UAD-2 etc, export your tracks and dump in DAW and use effect plug-ins there. This seems like a lot but this is the way I go about things to avoid frustration. The previous versions of the MPC software were worst than the current 1.3.1 version which by far is the most stable one. Let me know what you think.

Logic 9


Some will think this workaround is ridiculous to do. The Akai MPC Renaissance/Studio should work out the box but currently the MPC software is buggy. The Native Instruments Maschine was buggy when it was first released and it took a year or two to work out the bugs so don’t crucify the Akai team yet. I say give them a chance until they drop the ball. Who knows if I’m the only one dealing with this. I have not had a problem with the Akai plugins.

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